News Archive @ Chelsea Whippets

  • We are proud to share this recent photo of Bogie, officially known as Ch Coreymore Smooth Operator of Chelsea. He is a handsome man and a tribute to his pedigree!

  • Onyx Bugatti
    Onyx Wild One
    Jasper kids are winning again!
    These littermates are on a winning streak! In back to back weekends, Sonny, "Onyxx Bugatti" picked up both majors including a BOB from the classes. His littermate, Taffey, "Onyxx Wild One" picked up 5 points including a major. Congratulations to breeder/owners Bill and Lynn Weller!

  • Ch Chelsea Sapphire Hill
    We are excited to announce yet another champion from the Jasper X Ember cross. It is now CH Chelsea Sapphire Hill!! "Cambria" is the fourth to finish from this stellar litter. Congratulations to owners Barbara Lord and Iva Kimmelman.

  • We are thrilled to report success from Canada. Chelsea influence is felt! Creamy's son Nash ended the year in grand style and his daughter is no slouch either!

    "Nash", BIS Can CH Winsmith Law and Order, is the number one Whippet, Number 10 Hound for 2010. His daughter "Sophia" MBIS MBPIS Ch Aikerskaill Jury Of One (Nash x Ch Aikerskaill Miss Independence) is the number 2 Whippet.

  • We are thrilled to announce that there is yet another champion from the Butters X Smooth cross! Congratulations to owner Kim Newell for Bogie's recent championship. Officially known as Coreymore Smooth Operator of Chelsea, Bogie is the third to finish from his litter. We are proud to feature some of the lovely images of him along his way to his title. Bogie is a very pretty and sound young man and is a valued member of Kim's household

  • Gable is at it again! BOB from the classes over two top twenty BIS winning bitches at Redwood Empire KC under respected breeder-judge Max Magder. Gable now lacks but a major to finish!

  • We are thrilled to feature our wins from the Specialty weekend in Lompoc, CA. We are quite proud of the winning duo of littermates from the Butters X Smooth cross.
    Gable, (Chelsea Smooth as Butter of Coreymore) was RWD at the AWC Western Regional Specialty under breeder/judge Mr. Allan Pepper. The following day at Lompoc Valley KC Gable was WD for a 4 point major under Mary Lou Harris. Gable now needs a major to finish. Behind Gable is Ame (Cottonwood Buttercream of Chelsea), she was awarded WB/BOW on the day for a 4 point major. Ame now has 7 points with a major.

  • We are thrilled to feature new Ch Summit Tramanto de Amalfi, "Sophie". This beautiful bitch is sired by Rush out of a Davis daughter bred by Sue Vernon and Jennifer McEachern. She is pictured finishing under Kitty Steidel handled by Michael Strockbine.

  • Augie
    Augie is out of our Aussie import, Delta and was cobred with Kristen Fredricks and Karen Lee. He was WD or RWD every time shown in 2010. Augie took his first major at the KC of Philadelphia Benched Show, and won four BOB's en route to his title. His first and only ASFA trial netted a first place and 40 points, and he is a mid-C racer in WRA and soon to make his CWA and AKC Lure Coursing Debuts. He was owner handled start to finish.

  • International Influence by Chelsea Whippets!

    We are thrilled to note that our gene pool continues to influence the big winners all over the world. Congratulations to the breeder/owners of these beautiful Whippets.

    BIS Ch Winsmith Law And Order is currently the #1 Whippet in Canada. He is bred by Eroca Christane-Batty and Harriett Nash Lee. He is a Drake grandson, whose dam is our Ch Chelsea Eye Candy.

    Lorricbrook Mendocino FlicFlac bred by Jenny McCartney and owned by T Munch, R Seim, J McCartney won BIS at a Sighthound club show over 150 Sighthounds in Germany at 9 months old! This exciting young man is sired by our Jasper son, Ch Chelsea Coturri at Lorricbrook. Photo by Angelika Heydrich.

  • We are proud to introduce Gable, formally known as Chelsea Smooth as Butter of Coreymore. He has 7 singles and will be presented by Deann at all the West Coast Specialties through the summer. We are very proud of this handsome young man. Thank you to owner Leigh Ann Bauer for sharing him with us. He is a joy to live with and very easy on the eye!

  • Ch Chelsea Maria at Miklin
    HUGE congratulations to Michael and Linda Allen for finishing Addy!! It is now Ch Chelsea Maria at Miklin. Addy is yet another from the Dino X Emma cross and the third one to finish!

  • Congratulations on SBIS Ch Surrey Hill's Golden Boy, SC (Butters) BOS win at Westminster!

  • Jasper kids are on fire!!! With great Happy "Ness" we are pleased to brag about Nysa Hill The Art Of Happiness. He won both days at Orange Empire KC. One day winning BOB from the classes over a BIS winning bitch. Our warm congratulations to Angie Diehl, (breeder co-owner) and Kathy and Taylor Wilkinson, (owners) for this wonderful weekend for "Ness".

  • This was a very nice litter for Ness's littermate, Ch Nysa Hill Serendipity, "Seri", is already finished. She had many nice wins along the way to her title which included a Best Puppy In Show and a Specialty Select award to her credit. Handled all the way by her owner Leslie Jordan. Congratulations to Leslie and Angie for her future looks bright indeed. This litter is approximately 90% Chelsea breeding. They are sired by Jasper out of a Davis daughter. We are thrilled that thoughtful breeders continue to enjoy success from our efforts.

  • Ch Chelsea My Blue Heaven
    It's now Ch Chelsea My Blue Heaven (Ch Summit Sorcerer's Apprentice, ROM X Multi SBIS/BIS Ch Chelsea Dangerous Beauty, ROM) completed her championship at the Ventura KC. Our most enthusiastic congratulations to owners Doug and Jo Amann for their faith in "Skye" and their ability to see their way to the finish line in grand style!

  • "Truck" formally known as Ch Cloud Nine What Brown Can Do For You (Jasper X Davis daughter, Smooch) finished with his fourth major!! We are thrilled with his whirlwind class career.

  • We are thrilled to report that two Jasper kids won top dog honors at the first California Specialty of the year. At the Greater San Diego Whippet Fanciers Specialty under breeder-judge Donna Lynch WD was Cloud Nine What Can Brown Do For You (Bred by Nancy and Kentt Billups and owned by Deana Brown and breeders) and RWD was Summit Ironwood Blaine (bred by Sue Vernon, Jennifer McEachern and Shawna McKay and owned by Sue Vernon). CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • It is amazing to us to realize there is a winning Drake daughter who is 1.5 years old. This litter was conceived by 18 year old frozen semen 8 years after Drake died. Congratulations to FC Diablesse Surrey Hill Say Sorbet,FCh. She is major pointed in the conformation ring and just won her AKC field championship on New Year's Eve. Now she is balanced on both ends with coursing titles!

  • It is the season for running. DC Arwen's Main Event at Summit (Merlin X Ch Chelsea Supernatural Odyssey, ROM) earned her AKC field title. With limited specialing she ended 2009 at #6 in the rankings.

  • Butters
    The brother team of SBIS Ch Surrey Hill's Golden Boy, SC and Ch Surrey Hill's White Vienna, SC captured their ASFA field championships on the same weekend in different states. Congratulations to all concerned!

  • Joey
    The second dog to finish this weekend is our "Joey". Formally known as Ch Chelsea Smoking Gun, Joey finished today in Tucson, AZ. Congratulations to owner/handler Maureen Mybeck for this wonderful accomplishment as a new Whippet owner in the toughest of competition. She finished with three majors (two of which were 5 pointers) and a BOB from the classes.

  • "Bigelow" Formally known as Ch Cottonwood Melts Like Butter of Chelsea finished by winning his last single point. He was co bred with Sue Carbajal and Harriet Vincent. He finished with 3 majors which included WD at the AWC Western Regional Specialty (also BiSweeps on the day), a Hound Show major, and an AWC Supported entry major. We are not finished with this stunning litter. For four others are pointed from the cross and Chelsea will bring on another littermate to show as the new year dawns.

  • Ch Chelsea Coturri ay Lorricbrook
  • It is now Ch Chelsea Coturri at Lorricbrook (Jasper X Ember).  Marcus finished his championship!  He is the third to finish from the cross.

  • Chelsea Smoking Gun (Smoke X Eye Candy) captured her third major by taking BOB over two specials. She lacks one single to complete her championship.

  • Macy
    It's now Ch Chelsea Chamisal! Macy breezed through the classes. We waited for her to mature and the rest is history. Macy finished with 4 majors 2 of which were Specialty majors. The first was won under Mr. Richard Rupert at the Greater San Diego Whippet Fanciers Assoc. Her finishing major was won under Mr. Espen Engh at the Western Washington Whippet Assoc.

  • "Bigelow" comes from a stunning litter co bred with Sue Carbajal and Harriet Vincent. Before the age of one year one individual from this cross is finished with BOB and Group placements from the puppy classes.
    There are six others pointed, three of which are major pointed. "Bigelow" came back to us after his owner sadly died. After he settled in it was time to get to work!!

    Bigelow has been shown at 4 show weekends (or portions thereof!) and has 11 points with 2 impressive majors to show for his efforts. His West coast Specialty debut was a unqualified success no matter how you look at it. At the AWC Western Regional Specialty he began the day winning BiSweeps under Mr. David Powers. He finished the day by going WD under breeder-judge Ms. Harriet Nash Lee (Winsmith). The following weekend at the Western Washington Hound Association he was WD under Borzoi breeder-judge Mrs. Patti Neale.

  • New Canadian champion, Marcus (Jasper X Ember), is pictured winning his second BOB from the classes on his way to a Group 4. He is not only undefeated in Canadian competition but he has won BOB and a Group placement each time he has been shown. In the States he has a 4 and 5 point major. Needless to say we are very proud of this young man who is a littermate to Neiman and Macy. Congratulations to owner Jenny McCartney for the success enjoyed by Marcus!

  • Macy, formally known as Chelsea Chamisal, (Jasper X Ember) is on a hot winning streak. Within 6 days she won three majors which includes a Specialty major at the Greater San Diego Whippet Assoc under breeder-judge Richard Rupert (Oakhurst). After her second win in Bakersfield, Macy is now at a total of 13 points.

  • The marathon of Arizona shows is now a pleasant memory. Our Butters X Smooth babies faired well. Besides numerous class wins and RWD (4 out of the five days which includes the Specialty Reserve) and BOS in Sweepstakes one day for Bogie, (pictured far left with owner Kim Newell) formally known as Coreymore Smooth Operator of Chelsea, he snagged a 5 point major under Betty Ann Stenmark from the 6-9 puppy class!! Jamba, formally known as Coreymore Butterscotch Smoothie of Chelsea (far right pictured with co-breeder-owner Sue Carbajal) was quite the hit by winning several classes as well. I was in puppy heaven as I showed all three one day or another throughout the long week.

  • It's now Champion Neiman! Ch Chelsea Chanticleer (Ch Chelsea Chalcedony X Ch Chelsea Hot Smoke and Sassafras) finished with four majors. Two of which were back to back 5 point majors at the highly competitive Del Valle KC.